Friday, October 12, 2007

Hong Kong-style Rice Roll

Original Recipe by Amy Beh

200g rice flour

60g tapioca flour

30g cornflour

40g corn oil

720 ml, or just enough, water

For the fragrant soy sauce

150 ml light soy sauce

150 ml water

45g castor sugar

2 thin slices ginger

2 stalks spring onion

Dash of monosodium glutamate

Combine rice flour, tapioca flour and cornflour in a mixing bowl. Add oil to mix, then pour in just enough water gradually, and mix into a smooth batter.

Place a rectangular tray in a big steamer and steam over high heat for 3-4 minutes. When the tray is heated up, place a piece of damp fine muslin cloth over it.

Pour in a ladleful or approximately 200 ml batter.

Sprinkle some finely chopped char siu or shelled prawns along one side of the batter, if you like.

Steam for 3 minutes over high heat.

Lightly grease a marble top with corn oil. When the rice rolls are ready, flip over the piece of muslin cloth with the cooked rice roll.

Lightly scrape off the rice roll and roll up.

Serve with fragrant soy sauce and chilli sauce.

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