Friday, October 12, 2007

Honeydew Melon Sweet Soup

Original Recipe by Amy Beh

700g golden honeydew melon
100g big sago
50g small sago
300g castor sugar
200ml fresh UHT milk
500ml water
2 screwpine leaves, shredded and knotted

Skin the honeydew melon and cut out 100g. Shred the 100g melon and chill in the refrigerator.Publish Post

Cut the remaining melon into cubes. Process the cubed melon with 200ml water in a food processor until pureed. Sieve the honeydew melon through a fine sieve.

Soak big sago in boiling water in a small pot, covered, until it turns transparent. Drain and wash in cold water.

Soak small sago in clean water for 10–15 minutes. Drain.

Combine honeydew melon juice, sugar and big sago in a saucepot. Pour in remaining water and add screwpine leaves. Boil over medium low heat for 10–15 minutes.

Add in small sago and cook until sago turns transparent. Turn off the heat and pour in fresh milk to mix.

Discard screwpine leaves.

Scoop out and serve the soup in individual bowls, topped with the chilled shredded honeydew melon.

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