Thursday, October 18, 2007

Chocolate tarre

200g hazelnut
200g walnut
200g dark chocolate (100g each bar)
250g butter, with some used to grease the baking dish
100g caster sugar
6 large eggs (separate the yolks and the whites)

1. There're two parts to this preparation. Start by whizzing up the hazelnuts, walnuts and a 100g of the chocolate until fine. That done, leave aside.

The only proper means in which a fine mixture may be achieved is by using a food processor. But if you don't have one, first roughly chop the nuts and the chocolate, and then turn to a mortar for a finer consistency.

2. Whiz butter and sugar, while intermittently adding the egg yolks, it should achieve a silky finish.

3. Now beat the egg whites. It has become customary that a pinch of salt is added, so that the composition of the eggs are broken down easily. Also, there are some who just grease the bowl with lemon. Either way, a fluffiness of sort should be the aim.

4. With a spatula, mix the two blended ingredients first, then slowly fold in the fluffy egg white. You are advised not to use the processor for this purpose, and you should not over-fold the egg whites in, as the purpose is to create a "marble" effect, also you want to preserve the fluffiness of the beaten egg whites.

5. Turn this mixture into a greased baking dish, preferably with a removable base. Finally crush the remaining dark chocolate into small chunks and bury the pieces randomly, pressing with fingers into the mixture.

Note: This cake is great served warm with French vanilla ice cream, whipped cream or warm heavy cream. It's also great with Hagen Daz's Bailey's ice cream.

- Recipe courtesy of Aris Azman

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